Help Desk Emails Now Generate Call Tickets and Incidents

To bring our processes in line with other ITS service desks, the SLMS Help Desk has changed the way emails are handled. Beginning on Wednesday, May 3, all incoming e-mails to the SLMS Help Desk ( are being directed automatically to our incident tracking and ticketing system (ITSM); individual representatives no longer have access to the SLMS Help Desk email box.

What Does this Change Mean to SLMS Help Desk Customers?

  1. Immediate Call Ticket Number ... From now on, when you submit an email you should receive a response from the "IT Service Desk" [] with a call ticket number. Instead of monitoring and replying to issues from the SLMS Help Desk email box, SLMS Help Desk representatives work directly from ITSM. This process change allows for more efficient and straightforward recording of concerns and issues, and more time spent investigating and resolving those same concerns.
  2. Once Processed, Call Tickets Become Incidents ... There should be an incident number for all contacts with the SLMS Help Desk. If you call the Help Desk to follow up on an emailed issue, please have your incident number ready.
  3. Service Desk Issues Routed Directly to the Service Desk ... Those issues typically handled by the IT Service Desk – for example, login issues and password resets – are now triaged by Service Desk representatives without ever coming to the SLMS Help Desk. Incoming issues are cataloged in ITSM and reviewed by Service Desk staff. Relevant incidents are referred to the SLMS Help Desk, ultimately speeding resolution time.
  4. SLMS Help Desk Email is Automated ... The SLMS Help Desk email is now fully automated; it is no longer a monitored by a representative. All communications are cataloged and documented within ITSM; ensuring all attachments, discussion threads, and relevant information is recorded in one place to allow representatives more time to spend with customers.

Critical for Speedy Handling ... No Emails with Forwards, Replies, or CCs

With recent changes to SLMS Help Desk email procedures, it is essential that all customers remember to skip replies, forwards, and ccs.

To enable representatives to respond to issues as quickly as possible, any and all emails to the SLMS Help Desk must be "clean messages" from one-person to the desk; there can’t be any replies, forwards ("FW:" or "RE:" in the subject line), or carbon copies ("CC"). Once the submitter receives a reply from the "IT Service Desk" with an incident number, he or she can forward that message to others. If a message does have a FW, RE, or CC, it will be "set aside" for manual review, which could take up-to five (5) business days.

As always, the SLMS Help Desk is available to provide support Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., and may be reached by calling 518-473-8087 or by emailing (where an incident will be created).

Solving eLearning Launch Issues Yourself

If you experience difficulty when launching eLearning in SLMS, these hints you can apply yourself can get you going again:

  • Clear your browser cache, also referred to as your internet browsing data. For Internet Explorer (IE), select Tools > Internet Options. In the General tab under Browsing History click Delete. Make sure you have unchecked the first and seventh boxes – "Preserve Favorites website data" and "Passwords." All other boxes should be checked. Click Delete.
  • Deactivate your pop-up blocker. In IE, select Tools > Internet Options. On the Privacy tab, under Pop-Up Blocker, clear the Turn on Pop-Up Blocker check box. Then select OK. You can activate it again once your training is complete.
  • Check your "trusted sites" in your browser. They should include: *, *, and * If you need assistance with adding these trusted sites, please contact the ITS Service Desk at
  • If you can, try using a different browser; if you’re having trouble with IE, try using Firefox or Google Chrome instead.

Empire KnowledgeBank Users: Thousands of Learning Resources Await You

Thousands of courses, videos, desktop e-books, and business e-books are available for your use in the Empire KnowledgeBank (EKB) Books 24/7 repository. If you have an EKB license, click the hyperlinks below to see details of these offerings. If you do not have an EKB license, check with your agency"s training office about obtaining one.

EKB KnowledgeBank Offerings

Individual book and video resources are not searchable in the SLMS catalog. In order to access them, you must be enrolled in the books/videos class specified below. You can search for individual titles from within the portal. If you previously enrolled, access it under the following course name from your "My Learning" page:

Course Name: EKB and Skillsoft eBook and Video Portal (formerly called "Skillsoft Books 24x7")

Class code: EKBSS_TMPL20150123135209420

If you have questions or need assistance, your training office or SLMS Administrator can assist you with this step.

2017 Mandated Training Notes for SLMS Administrators

  • Learner Groups for Mandatory Training Mass Enrollments: Use the Learner Groups with an asterisk (*) when mass enrolling your agency into these classes.
  • Ethics for NYS Employees: The Ethics for NYS Employees course will launch later this year.
  • Mandated Training Compliance Query: There is a new compliance query for 2017 that will run against the learner groups created for mandated training. The name of this query is 2017_COMPLIANCE_MANDATED.

2017 SLMS Training Achievements

Since February of this year, more than 150 SLMS learners have been trained using the new comprehensive curriculum. Individuals can get training in three distinct, yet complimentary, levels of practice. SLMS 101: Fundamentals, SLMS 102: Create, and SLMS 103: Enrollment; all diverse and important areas of the system.

These classes are being offered via instructor-led classroom and webcast/webinar delivery methods.

If you’re interested in attending, we recommend you contact your organization’s training office.

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