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About SLMS

Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS) is the first enterprise–wide, web–based platform for use by New York State agencies to manage and deliver training. All New York State employees are learners in SLMS.

State employees benefit from a single sign–on, access to statewide training, and a centralized employee training record that follows them if they move to other state agencies. Additionally, it provides the means for the agencies that train over 600,000 external learners, to schedule and deliver training to that population as well.

Features for Learners

Learning History – Records of the training you have taken for your job with NYS will be located in one convenient place, and are available to you even if you move to another agency.

Searching for Courses and Programs – The Search Learning box on the home page allows you to easily search for courses and programs you would like to enroll in. You can click the Enroll button on training that is available to you to enroll directly from SLMS.

Supplemental Learning – You can add work–related courses or workshops that you took outside of SLMS. These can be added right into your learning history with your manager’s approval.

Print Certificates of Completion – You can print a certificate of completion for any course you have completed directly from your My Learning page in SLMS.

Features for Managers

Approve Team Members – From the manager self–service pages, you will be able to approve or deny a team member’s training requests, and their requests for supplemental learning.

Viewing Team Learning – The Team Learning page displays all of your team’s learning including the title and type of learning as well as the status. This will allow you to see if they have completed required training.

Learning Plans – Learning Plans play a key role in your ability, as a manager, to help shape your team member’s professional development plans. By taking advantage of online classes and other learning opportunities offered through SLMS, you can assign targeted learning to help your employees obtain learning at the right time and place. As a manager, you can add items to, or delete items from, a team member’s existing Learning Plan or create a new Learning Plan.

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